A guide for DJs getting started on PYRO

If you are reading this, then you are probably very new to PYRO! Welcome to our exciting community of DJs and music lovers. I've written this short guide to help you get up and running, some best practises, and some inside tips to really help you engage with your fans.

Your Profile

First and foremost, appearance is important. When users browse to your profile, they want to see info! You should ensure these following steps to maximise users interest in you:

  1. Add a cool profile pic, try to keep it professional.
  2. Add an even cooler background/header pic. Maybe one of you DJing, or your latest release.
  3. Make sure your name is correctly formatted. You can use spaces, and unless your name properly features characters like _ - . then you shouldn't use them. Match your name directly to your DJ name!

Uploading Music

Key to getting followers and listens on your music, is regular uploads and promotion. Users love getting regular updates, mixtapes, radio shows, remixes and originals. make sure you are regularly adding work to your profile. You can upload music through the website. Some key things to remember:

  1. Name your tracks clearer, use nice formatting and don't put artist names (unless its a remix) into the track name section.
  2. Tag other artists that made the track with you correctly. If you are doing a remix, do not put the original artists names in this section. For instance, if you did a remix of a Hardwell track, Hardwell should be tagged in the ORIGINAL ARTIST field, not the remix artist field.
  3. If you are adding a mixtape, the mixtape artists section is for YOUR NAME, do not put all the artists that are on the mix in this section, we have a track list feature for that.
  4. Add cool artwork for each track, make it eye catching and keep it inline with your brand.

Downloading Music

If you didn't already notice, you can download music from PYRO also! We have a mix of UGC (user generated content) and Official, which are licensed releases from labels all around the world. At present we have over 1 million tracks online and growing. Almost every track on PYRO can be downloaded (for licensed music require an upgrade to PRO DJ), unless a user has specifically set it to be not available.

You can also check out our DL Pool where we post daily Packs of music in all different styles for you to download. Here is the link: https://pyromusic.cn/dl-pool

Adding Photos & Videos

You can add photos and videos to your DJ profile very easily! The best way to do this is via the website.


You can upload directly to your profile. Just click the photos button, then add new photo. As simple as that!


We support videos embedded from Youku, China's leading video platform. Simply upload to Youku (you can get a free account easily) and then select the link from the HTML bar on your video, copy and paste it into the add video section.

Sharing Music

Key to promotion is sharing your music in the social networks, most popular obviously is Wechat. To share, its best to access your track from the APP and click the share button, then select Wechat. This will make it appear super cool in the wechat chat screen!

Promotion on PYRO

If you have great music you think deserves more listens, we have a team of DJ lovers in the office that are always looking for great new content. Simply send us your track and we can discuss putting it in featured locations, plus download packs and mixtapes. We look forward to hearing from you!

For more info, just ask anyone in the DJ Team at PYRO, we'll be glad to help.

Getting started as a DJ on PYRO