Ensuring your DJ page has the vote button and help getting votes

PYRO百大 is China's first ever DJ poll for Chinese talent. We opened the poll for a popular vote on 1st August and the voting will last until 31st August. If you are a DJ in China you are automatically entered into this poll, but there are a few things to make sure you have setup to enable the voting process.

Sync a +86, +852, +853 or +886 Mobile to your account

Go to your settings, and ensure that your mobile number is set as a China based number. After 1 hour a voting button will appear on your page!

Getting the Visuals

You can create a cool campaign to get votes from your fans by simply downloading the packs and adding your visuals and QR code.

Step 1 - Download your QR Code

First browse to your profile on pyromusic.cn and click share. You can then click download your QR code.

Step 2 - Download the Media Pack

The Media Pack contains all the visuals that you need to create your campaign. Of course you can use your own ideas and visuals, this is just to help you if you need ideas :P. Download the pack here.

Make Sure Your Profile is Up to Date

Its a great idea to make sure your profile is up to date with your latest music, videos, photos and shows. This helps to encourage people to vote for you, AND if you make it into the second round voting, our team of panelists from around the world are going to examine your profile. They won't know much about you apart from what you have uploaded!

Upload at least 1 track or mixtape!

To qualify for entry, you must add at least 1 track or mixtape. Otherwise people can't listen to your music!

For further information on PYRO百大 please check out the website!